What if a disaster destroys your office?

That’s the downtime that can destroy your business.

Whether you’re hit with cyberattacks, equipment failures, fires or floods

The success of your business largely depends on your ability to minimize the downtime and disruption of your mission-critical functions.

“Rapid recovery” is one of M5 Systems’ middle names.

Our streamlined, powerful disaster recovery solutions are geared toward getting your business back in business as quickly and painlessly as possible. We rely on some of the most trusted names in security solutions to devise and implement a plan that works how and when you need it most.

Our disaster recovery solutions include yet go far beyond backup. Depending on the specific solution you choose, you can enjoy things like:

  • The highest automated standards for data protection
  • Premium software support, with 24/7 global access to technical experts
  • Continuous protection through relocations
  • Protection for data, systems, apps and other elements whether they’re physical, virtual or in the cloud
  • Ability to run the system without restore, resulting in zero impact on your users, as if an outage never occurred
  • Simple and easy connection to the cloud
  • Automatic protection of growing virtual environments
  • Ability to manage and configure data protection options through a comprehensive GUI
  • A single solution packed with all the capabilities you need to be up and running in a jiffy

Whatever solution you choose, all are exemplary for restoring mainframes and servers with backups and provisioning local area networks to meet immediate business needs. Not sure what you need?

Let M5 Systems guide you to a disaster recovery solution that’s packed with optimum features, delivery optimum performance and gets you a good night’s sleep. Contact us today. Call for a Consultation (602) 288-8304

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