We don’t have to tell you how crucial backup is

Most of us have learned that lesson the hard way at one point or another in our lives.

All Backup Solutions are not Created Equal

Onsite backups are not enough to preserve and protect the data you need to keep you going. M5 Systems offsite backup solutions will.

Onsite vs. Offsite Backup Solutions

Onsite backup measures come with serve limitations, starting with the risk of data loss if your office is robbed, flooded or happens to burn down. Onsite backup typically relies on manually inserting and rotating backup tapes on a regular basis, a task that leaves huge room for human error. Tapes can be forgotten, the order could get mixed up, or someone may not realize that placing a magnet next to the tape is not a very good idea.

Let’s say you do get through a few backups without tapes being lost, damaged, mixed up or all-out destroyed. You still have to sift through a pile of them to find “just” the right one if you’re ever in a pinch and need to restore your data.

Offsite Backup Wins

Our offsite backup solution eliminates the risks associated with onsite backup options while providing a slew of advantages. These include:

  • Protecting your data in the event of theft, flood, fire or other natural or manmade disaster
  • Providing a single, central location for all your files and information across your entire network, from regional offices to headquarters with individual devices in between
  • Securing your data from unauthorized access with powerful security measures and the latest technology
  • Rapid recovery that doesn’t require sifting through tapes, crossing your fingers or praying no one brought a magnet to work and left it near the backup area
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