Not sure which security solution will best protect your business?

Looking to build a new network or update an existing one but not sure where to begin?

We offer consulting services for network, computer and technology related issues

Two of our most popular offerings are security solutions and designing and implementing a solid network foundation.

Security Solutions

Whether you’re looking for reliable anti-virus software or a next-generation firewall with optimum analyzing capabilities, M5 Systems can do more than simply help you find it. We can also install, configure and maintain it to assure the most stalwart protection for your network.

Specialized businesses may be interested in our customized solutions that fit your exact needs, while others can go for one of our recommendations for an off-the-shelf solution we can help you manage to get the strongest slate of benefits. Our additional security services include scanning your network for vulnerabilities, locating systems with out-of-date software patches, and detecting network bottlenecks.

Network Foundations

A solid network foundation is a must to serve as a base for a reliable infrastructure of servers and workstations. And one of our fortes is helping companies design and implement a solid network foundation that most efficiently and effectively suits their needs. Once the foundation is in place, we can additional assist with customized servers and workstations to add another layer of efficiency, effectiveness and overall dependability to your network.

Complementary First Visit

In addition to the wide range of consulting services we provide, another big perk is the cost of our first visit. First-time, initial consultation visits are free of charge.

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