Custom Built Servers, PCs, Networks

No matter how high-end or amazing your servers, PCs and networks may be, you're still at their mercy.

If you’re fed up with conforming to the limits of your technology, let M5 Systems help you turn the tables and make it conform to you

Off-the-shelf solutions come with limits on your functionalities, basically dictating what you can and cannot do with each particular setup or device.

Custom-Built Benefits

Our custom-built servers, PCs and networks give you free and open reign to create devices and setups that meet your exact needs. Being the ruler of your custom-built empire comes with multiple advantages that include:

  • Highly personalized support: Our consulting team is at your side from the start, ensuring your customized solution includes what you need and functions how you need it to.
  • Customized configurations: Give us a rundown on your workload and we’ll tailor your solutions to match.
  • Wider range of OS options: Whether you’re in love with Windows or at odds with iOS, we can help you choose an operating system that makes you happy to log in to work.
  • Reliability: Custom-building your network or machines lets us use higher-grade components that may not typically come with off-the-shelf devices.

M5 Supermicro Servers and Desktop Computers

All components used for our servers and PCs are non-proprietary parts and assemble systems that are easy to work on and, even more important, available locally. Components include:

  • Intel processors and motherboards in our PCs
  • Intel-based server boards and desktop boards
  • Supermicro products for high-end servers
  • Kingston high-quality memory
  • Western Digital disk drives

  • 2 year on-site warranty
  • 3 to 5 year warranty on disk drives
  • Lifetime warranty on memory and certain other components

Testing, Testing and More Testing

We take reliability very seriously, which is evidenced by our extensive PC testing. We carefully inspect and subject each desktop we build to the top testing tools from UltraX for a full 24-hour period.

A few of the tests we run to ensure system performance and reliability include:

  • Processor Testing: Instructions, control, address, data and flag registers
  • Memory Testing: Base and extended memory, 24 memory test patterns using proprietary algorithms
  • Storage Drive Testing: Hard disk and solid state drivers, random and full surface read, write and seek
  • Peripheral and I/O Device Testing
  • Optical Device Testing
  • Network Testing
  • Video Graphics Testing

Told you we take reliability seriously! If you’re just as serious about custom-building PCs, servers or a network, contact us today. Call for a Consultation (602) 288-8304

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