Proactive Monitoring Eliminates Surprises

by automatically keeping an eye on your entire system all day, every day, all year long.

We use the latest tools and technologies that can monitor networks, security, applications, PCs and data centers

Monitoring tools provide an overview of network traffic and system functions, giving us the insight required to plan actions that avoid potential problems while using the tools to benchmark performance.

Network Monitoring:

Our network monitoring services cover local area, wide area and wireless technology. The main aim here is to check for issues at transport, protocol, equipment and application levels that could result in congestion. Monitoring applications can send out alerts when action needs to be taken, well before the network is impacted.

Security Monitoring:

Proactive monitoring of security allows us to protect your IT assets from potential breaches on networks, PCs and applications. Keeping an eye on security reduces vulnerability risks while providing real-time information that can help maintain the highest levels of protection across the organization.

Application Monitoring:

Employees are especially fond of application monitoring, and they may not even know it. Proactive monitoring here lets us address issues before they occur and impact the workflow of your workforce. Combine application monitoring with network monitoring and you have a comprehensive rundown on the performance of applications and protocols over your entire network.

Proactive monitoring of data centers and PCs function in similar fashion, with the overall goals of ensuring steady performance and spotting potential issues in the making before they turn into ugly surprises at hand.

24/7 365 Monitoring

One of the big perks company owners get from M5 Systems services is a good night’s sleep. And one of the reasons they get to sleep is because our proactive monitoring systems never do. We can configure out systems to perform thorough, round-the-clock monitoring, sending us an alert when an event or potential issue requires our attention.

While some businesses may put proactive monitoring on the back burner when their systems are up and running with absolutely no problems, it’s essential to move monitoring front and center to help ensure their systems stay that way. We can help you set up, implement and adhere to a proactive maintenance plan that includes the monitoring of:

  • All server event logs
  • Backup status of both onsite and offsite backups
  • Firewall activity, spam or hacking attempts
  • System processes, processor/ram use, bottlenecks
  • Application services
  • Other components as needed or desired

Continuous monitoring of your systems brings on a bevy of benefits that include:

  • Enhanced productivity, with any small issues addressed before they turn into big problems that can have a huge impact on productivity and company finances
  • Enhanced reliability, with the addressing of even the smallest issues resulting in a phenomenal track record of performance without crippling downtime
  • Saving money, with the cost of proactive monitoring – even all day, every day, all year long – often less expensive than the cost of crisis management when those small issues fester and grow into enormous problems
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